Do what scares you, right?

Excited and scared in equal measure, that’s my current feeling. Normally with something like this I’d be pouring over maps, worrying about kit, debating food choice, panicking about fitness. But no, nothing like it this time. Perhaps a bit complacency has crept in since finishing Cape Wrath I’ve felt invincible. I’m not. Perhaps foolishly my perception of possible is higher than in reality. Time will tell. Truth is work has distracted me from this and I’ve not had time to think. I’m only having thoughts now as I’m on a plane flying back from a day trip to London.

On Sunday I plan to run the WHW, over 3 and a bit days. I’ve walked the route in 8 days with a Jaunt up Ben Nevis though the Ben will not be visited on this occasion.

I’ll be doing this solo but doing it in luxury and staying in (hopefully) warm accommodation.

I’m doing it to get away from the everyday drum of work and life. Resetting me that only a trip to nature can do. Work, as ever, is busy and taking mental capacity away from my non-work stuff.

I’m scared.

It’s gonna be wintery conditions. Though I don’t think winter has bitten quite yet it’s still markedly colder than it has been with Edinburgh, my home city getting frosts. My hope is that the snow doesn’t come in earnest. That would scupper things somewhat I feel.

The distances don’t scare me much with the longest being 29 miles, but the cold and conditions do. I will be prepared, full kit bag with survival kit, spare warm clothes and lots of food.

I hope to run in daylight, there’s just under 8 hours of it. But my new Headtorch should help if I don’t make it to my destination in time.

So if you’re about on the way, look out for me. And tell me to keep going!

Rough plan:

Sunday: Minlgavie to Rowardennan

Monday: Rowardennan to Tyndrum

Tuesday: Tyndrum to Kinlochleven

Wednesday: Kinlochleven to Fort William

Wish me luck!

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