Marathon Training

When I first started this blog not too long ago I had just entered into two marathons in the month of October this year 2011. Almost immediately I got injured – see post isn’t it ironic.  I then went on a self diagnosed rest period during which I bought new trainers and a bunch of new clothes.  My self diagnosed rest didn’t work so eventually I went to see a physio.  No disrespect to the physio he told me the obvious and something I probably should have known.  I clearly was a very easy patient as he fixed me within a couple of weeks.

After getting fixed I embarked on a mini adventure with a couple of mates – we cycled across the country following the popular C2C route from Whitehaven to Tynemouth.  When I get chance I’ll write up a report on this and add pictures too. And immediately after this I went on a 2 week holiday.  Knowing that I was behind in my marathon training I duly packed the trainers and made sure I kept running on holiday.  This was easier said than done in Rhodes when it was hot!

Anyway that is the background to where I was a week ago.  On the return plane journey, I opened my Mens Running Magazine to a page where there was a lot of space to write on which just happened to be an adidas advert with the Brownlee brothers on – and started planning my training.  I was slightly shocked that my first marathon was to be in 8 weeks time.  This meant I needed to rapildly get up to distance and build up my ‘time on feet’.  The training boiled down to the LSRs being 13 miles to start and adding 2 miles each week. This is fairly aggressive, originally I had hoped to peak at 25miles a week before the race however, after receiving advice through runners on many forums I decided I will peak at 22miles 3 weeks before the race and taper off.  This seems reasonable although I’m unsure of what I’m going to do in the weeks between the two marathons.

Up until last Saturday I hadn’t ran anything longer than 12km since my Half Marathon at the end of May so I was a bit nervous about doing the distance.  I knew I could do it but I was worried about how I’d feel after and if I’d cope OK.  The route I picked wasn’t exactly the best route to start with as it goes over the Pentland hills so lots of ups and downs.  The reason I chose this route was because I’d promised to take my Physio out on a run as he is new in the area and this is a great run!  The run started well, felt like I had a load of energy.  Got to about 14km and we’d already climbed a fair bit and we had started to walk up the steep inclines as it would have just sapped all the energy out.  I was pleased that my running buddy was also feeling the same.  We battled on and we both regretted not bringing any water – I don’t normally for a 13miler but this was hilly so I should have.  We both should have.  After 18km my energy was all but gone, my mouth was dry, our chatting had stopped and my directions became a grunt.  We eventually got back to the car and it felt good to be back and the pain of the run dissipated as we stretched and drank our isotonics.

Bit of a scare to be honest but I have in my mind this was OK as it was over a hilly course.  This weekend, my 15miler will be relatively flat running along a canal, a small gradual uphill as I move onto a railway line then losing the height as I will run down to the canal and back along – a bit of a balloon loop which should be good!

This, incidentally was the longest I have ran with someone as I usually am a solo runner.  I must admit I quite enjoyed it as the chatting took away some of the thought of running and also we pushed each other.  We did start out quite fast but the pace slowed down as we both tired.   I also enjoyed the not listening to music part of it.  Normally I’ll have my earphones on and pounding the pavements to the beat but it was good to just hear the footsteps (squelch) and the heavy breathing.

Hoepfully this saturday will go ok!

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