Back to running

I’m currently laying by the side of a pool in Rhodes. Not really sun bathing as I’m in the shade. Enjoying the warmth but not the direct sun. It’s been a while since I last posted mainly due to being on holiday and doing a lot. One of those being running.

I’m happy to announce I’m injury free for now. Physio has done it’s job. I’ve been running a few times not as much as I should tho. I know i need to be marathon fit in less than two months so I’m gonna have to increase my distance dramatically which may increase the risk of injury.

I’ve been on holiday now for 10 days which has seen me running a quarter way up Snowdon (I got lost and ended up there!), running round suburbs of manchester and salford and also in 32C heat here in rhodes. So you can say quite varies runs. Really enjoyed them all and most have been 10km runs so I really do need to increase when I get back to the UK.

Running more than 10km in 32c heat prob isn’t advised but I will go out again.

Here’s some pictures of me running. One in snowdon and the others on one run in Rhodes which took me to a place called 7 springs.



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