Just not feeling it. Sluggish of late.

I’m not sure what’s up but I’m feeling like my training has been suffering lately. Not sure why this may be. My cycle to work is becoming a drag and feels like my front wheel’s brake is permanently pressed. My runs haven’t been without a stitch for over a week.

This weekend, I didn’t train from Friday morning til Monday morning but it seems I am still feeling rubbish.

Sluggish is the word I’d describe everything right now.

Food is normal, sleep is excellent so I can’t blame that.

On top of all this, my back has been sore but I’ve attributed this to my tight hammies and glutes which I’m stretching every day.

So no clues, just hope that it fixes itself. Could be the winter blues.

Anyway in other news I’ve had some great comments on a runners forum regarding the video of my first three years running so that has cheered me up and gave me a boost.

Oh and I’ve also entered my first tri but have’t stepped in a pool yet so will talk about that when I have something to talk about!

One response to “Just not feeling it. Sluggish of late.

  1. i bet shark is good… I am glad to hear you have not been eaten by one haha
    I think it is possible to get good workouts off treadmills, I just find my pacing is messed up after a lot of treadmill running.. The winter here can be harsh, this winter has not been that bad.


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