PBs and wetness

So this week has been a bit of a mixed bag. It started well then a disastrous start to my swimming career made me rethink but after a days rest on Wednesday of not cycling or running or swimming I came back with an epic run on Thursday. Epic because I felt good, I felt it was an easy pace but shocked to realise it was 4:37 pace and some faster. It was a good 8km. Then cycling in on Friday, puncture. The third in as many weeks! Not to worry got it fixed at lunch then went for another swim though this time with a bit more of an idea. Managed an hour in the pool and did probably 40 lengths a bit better than last time but feeling relatively ok.

Then unexpectedly after wanting to lie in I was wide awake on Saturday morning so thought I’d do a parkrun. I’d only been once before so thought it was time to go again.

It’s only a 15min cycle away downhill. The weather was perfect. Cool and no wind. The course is flat and the last time I did the same course was a year ago so I was expecting to beat the 20:21. I went out hard and fast, too fast but kept it up. Didn’t really get into a stride and was above the threshold for most of it. Getting to the 4km mark I’d slowed down and people were starting to overtake. I kept saying to myself that I only has 4 min max left to run so keep going. Huffing and puffing I made it to the end. I had no idea what time it was as I didn’t clock it but asked the guy who’d got in just before me and who I’d been battling for a place for the last 500m. 18:11 he had it as so it was a defo PB. Then me and the guy started chattin and he said “I think I know who you are”. Immediate thoughts of worry came into mind. I had no idea who he was. But then he revealed that he knew me from online and then it clicked. runners forum. It was good to meet someone from a forum that I’ve been on for a while.

Anyway official result came through and a PB of 18:13. Dead chuffed! Rest tomorrow maybe.

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