Award winner

Last night I was awarded with my fellow team mates “best overall performance” at our Triathlon Club awards. Dead chuffed to have won this as we put in a solid effort.

The event was Aberfeldy middle Distance and I was in a Team with Scott and Lee, swimmer, cyclist respectively.

It was Scott’s first open water competition in triathlon and his swim effort alone was amazing in the freezing waters of Loch Tay. Two laps of a course that wasn’t that easy really when you’re on shore.

We were up against Team B from our club and were all full of talk. Their cyclist brought it in for them even with Scott getting out of the water a full 10mins ahead.

So there I was poised at T2 ready to run when Alan, Team B’s cyclist came in and Carina got a head start. It would be a full 7 mins before I was let loose. Catch up was the name of the game now.

It was my first race where during it I knew that I had to cross the finish line before my competition as with other triathlons the pool is a staggered start so you never really know what your completion is.

Anyway I’m running knowing full well my injury is present. It got worse at 10 km which was the time I caught up with Carina. I ran with her for a bit. Mostly out of wanting to slow down as the chase had put pressure on me. And also because I wanted a chat.

I crossed the line 1:30 ish can’t remember the exact split but we beat team B. My leg though wouldn’t thank me for it. So this is partly why I’m still injured.

Anyway. Glad to have won it for such a great race!


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