Time for a run?

It’s February. It’s time to have a little run.

In my head after realising my knee/ leg wasn’t getting any better back in December I’d said to myself that I’d wait until February before attempting a run. It’s now February and its time.

Well, not right now but this week. After slowly increasing my swimming and cycling in January my legs been ok. Though it does grumble and ache every so often. It’s grumbling now but this could be due to walking about London the past few days.

My iron buddies are well into their plans and the stories of epic runs and training are good to hear but are a reminder that my training is behind. They’ll be the first to say that it’s Ok and that I’ll get up to speed in no time.
I agree as well but only if my leg is better.

Yet the voice of doom in my head says if I can’t walk around London without it hurting, how am I supposed to run at all?

Good point I say. But I guess I won’t know how the leg will feel without running. So a test run is required.

I’m not sure what’ll happen if the run turns out to be sore. Will I carry on or will I stop and rest again. I just don’t know.

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