Border Hopping

I couldn’t leave the last post up for long without having something good to say so here it is, a description of a ride I’ve just done in the sunshine around the borders of England and Scotland.

Setting off from the parents, I took the Berwick road and within a mile I was at my first border crossing. My thighs were still grumbling from the ride earlier on in the week so this was to be a nice easy run.


I turned right on a road which follows the border on its edge downhill toward the Tweed. The road was potted with holes and gravel so made some of the runs tricky. I reached the A1 and headed inland toward Paxton where I would head straight into Scotland again. From here I took the road south, crossing the Tweed at the Union Bridge. And hence crossing back into England.


The wind was behind me and the sun was out. This was definitely a million miles bette than the ride the other day.

Stopping for some photos I headed up the valley, having to walk a bit as the road had succumb to subsidence and half had fallen into the valley below.

Following the National Route 1 I headed into Norham, a lovely Norman Castle stands proud looking over the picturesque village. From here I had several options. From this sign post I headed to Scotland (what a small signpost for something so large ey?)


Crossing the tweed again I headed back to Scotland and from here I ended up on the road back to Paxton but before I reached there I took the Hutton road.

The traffic had been lovely and light for a bank holiday Easter weekend which was great. I entered Hutton and took the road East toward Hutton Bridge which crosses the Whiteadder river, where the road dips down into the valley and back up again. This route wasn’t without its hills but it was pleasant enough.

Reaching Foulden I stopped and took a photo of the valley where the Tweed is hidden from view and on the horizon stands Cheviot.

A nice run for 1hr 50 bringing my weeks cycle training to an end. My other training had suffered but hey, I’m on holiday!

route map


4 responses to “Border Hopping

    • Absolutely. Borders roads are undulating but lovely and quiet too. Always big ups and downs when crossing rivers! Glad the sunshine is back.

  1. Glad you had a great ride to make up for earlier in the week. Being able to cross countries on a ride is pretty cool!

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