Feeling a little uninspired

Getting up at 5:30 and waiting for the bus is such a struggle these days. Today was the first time I really questioned the IM ambition. Think I need some inspiration on these morning sessions.

On the other hand once I’m up I’m ok.



Right this morning I have major demons of depression – lack of coffee is being blamed. That swim, that I couldn’t be bothered to do, well I only did a bleedin’ Personal Record! 54:45 for 3000m!! Fairly pleased with that!

So the above downer went out the window as soon as I finished. Funny how a good session can give you that much needed boost!

3 responses to “Feeling a little uninspired

  1. When you are an Ironman you will look back on those morning sessions and be glad that you got up to do them! Hang tough buddy – Simone 🙂

    • Cheers Simone! I know – and you’re right! I guess the lack of coffee got me down this morning, but I got a boost by getting a PB in that swim!

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