Grr Knee Pain!

Ever since the mad cycle in Yorkshire which was the worst of my life I’ve had niggle in my right knee just on the inside of my Patella. (I think that’s the word for the knee cap thing).

It only really appears when cycling uphill and if it hasn’t died down before running ill feel it then. So frustrating as I rested last weekend and didn’t do the long cycle I needed to do.

After the pain subsiding I decided to cycle to work, these are only 8km stints and there are no mountains en route. But the niggle/ pain keeps returning.

I really hope it doesn’t hang about for a while as I need to continue training and need to get some long miles in.

I’m currently sat at a Physio for my ItB issue so I’m going to ask her advice.

On the plus side I did an awesome run last night. 8km at 4:17 pace. Was so chuffed. Got to take the positives. Tho not sure if the run last night aggravated the knee today!

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