Running – the obsession

Just reblogging this as I watched it back recently and reminded me how far I’ve come. I put it together a couple of years back before all this triathlon stuff 😉

Run Spud Run!

As many people know I’m a little obsessed with running. It has become part of my life in a big way. To show my personal achievements in the past 3 years I’ve produced a film of my running.

Hope you enjoy…

RunSpudRun Biography

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13 responses to “Running – the obsession

  1. Brilliant Glenn!! Congrats on all that you’ve achieved. You do realize you’ll have to do another one for Ironman! – Simone

    • The cliff is a place on the North East Coast North of Berwick, before Eyemouth.

      Part of why I run is to explore and find awesome places to run. Keilder is fab, it’s a tough marathon but worth it.

      • Definitely possible to get to 10km. Just take it slowly if you’re not used to running and get some good decent trainers from a specialist shop. Some good forums online, is a great one that I used in my first few years.

        Also, join a race and that’ll be a great motivational goal for you!

      • cheers 😀

        not sure i want to actual buy any running shoes whilst my normal trainers are ok for the mo for how do you know they will be better ?

      • Normal trainers will be fine. Just when you go to change, or they start to wear out, or feel uncomfortable, get some good advice for some shoes. Honestly a good pair will help you in your running and ward against injuries and niggles.

      • thanks ;D you have made me more determined to go do something – i was slightly running and trying to cycle to work but this week i have had a bug so got out if :o(

        do you still go out in the cold – i dont want to stop but i must admit i still need to start lol

      • I do go out in the cold, and wet, and snow and hail.. I’m mad, but that’s what makes me do it, it’s so revitalising going and doing something that most would think is mental. If you have a bug, don’t run, but when you’re on the mend, ease back into it. Cycling to work is great!

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