Lochore Meadows Sprint Bruce Triathlon 2013

From yesterday’s pondering blog comes today’s celebration of completing a triathlon (though not entirely injury free)

For those who don’t know it, Lochore Meadows is a loch and country park in the Kingdom of Fife half hour away from Edinburgh. The Triathlon consists of a 750m Open Water Swim in the loch followed by a 24km Cycle with a 5km run to finish. It’s the Scottish Sprint Triathlon Championships and the field all looked well fit, a lot fitter than me!

My lead up to this event included a lot of swimming, some cycling and not a lot of running (tho does Aqua running actually count?)

I was flying solo at this event, my IM Training buddies had their long runs/cycles to complete and the other Triathlon club guys were all MIA. In fact it was the first event I’d really been on my own without a support crew. I usually fret about races but today was different, though I did fret about what to do with my car key.

The loch was lovely and calm, a lot calmer than wednesday when I was here testing the waters as it were. The sun was shining.. It actually was lovely weather. There I was in my new trisuit and Wetsuit around my waist. Ready and waiting.

This was my first OW swim mass start. What an experience. I actually was laughing with the carnage that ensued after the horn signalled the start of the race. The calm waters turned into a washing machine – such a cliche but it is so true! I really enjoyed it, though I did get kicked and pulled under the water, as I’m sure kicked and punched others..

The swim was over fairly quickly, I got into a rhythm after a while and the beach seemed to come to me quicker than expected. 13min 23s for the 750m. Not bad for me!

T1 was weird. I tend to get dizzy when I get out of OW swimming and trying to get my wetsuit off was a challenge. 2 mins later I was mounting my bike, not very slick I might add.

The ride took me up a hill and another and another. I couldn’t get in a rhythm due to many others overtaking, then slowing dead in front of me, no drafting meant I had to pull back, this happened three times in succession! I eventually found a clear field in front of me and got into a nice cadence on the main road.

Nothing of note really happened on the ride, I felt good, no knee niggles or pain, despite not having my knee taped up.

The sun had stayed out and there was NO wind. Could I really be in Scotland! Bike: 43:58

Arriving into T2, again not very slick I dismounted and hobbled on the cleats to rack the bike.

I decided on socks, though these were hard to put on, and the laces would not tie up! 1:52.

Running felt weird, I was out of breath, I was getting a stitch. Maybe this aqua running is useless..

Anyway I took a gel, even though I’ve never really take them on such short races but it helped me a little.

The sun was hot for the run but it was pleasant. 4km in, my left ITB started to ache. This was the injury from a while back. Still not healed properly, no idea why. This is why Aqua jogging is the only way forward.

I finished the run in 21.11, which is pretty speedy so I was fairly happy finishing in 1hr 22min.

I really enjoyed that race, was good being out there doing stuff I love doing without any pressure of trying to get a good time, just finishing was the goal and that’s what I did. I even thought I was taking it easy on the cycle and the run but with a 31kmph average on the bike, I clearly was going fast for me!

Official results are still not published but these are my garmin stats.

4 responses to “Lochore Meadows Sprint Bruce Triathlon 2013

    • Defo an improvement. 🙂

      Elastic laces.. 1. I didn’t have them on my new shoes, 2. On my old runners I didn’t think they gave me proper support, 3. for IM I won’t be using them. But I did wonder if everyone was laughing at my trying to tie my laces haha

    • Cheers! 😀 I’m pretty happy with those times especially as I’ve not been training for this specific distance. Goes to show, longer distance training improves shorter distance times too!

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