Dreaming of running

I can’t think of a title for this post. I want to convey my need/want/desire to get running again. I’m just not sure what this post will be about yet but it’s going to be a brain dump of my thoughts that I’ve been having over a few weeks now.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of days gone by, the days where most lunchtimes I’d be up Arthur’s Seat running to the summit, or circumnavigating the road around it. Dreaming of the Saturday mornings I’d get up and head to the Pentlands, not to swim but to run up the hills and through the valleys. Reminiscing of the races I’d run, the feeling of getting a personal best time in each distance from 5km to marathons. Dreaming of the silly hilly courses I’d take myself on just to say I’d run up a Munro.

I miss those days.

It’s been over a year since injury struck. I’m not over them yet. Mainly due to not doing my Physio exercises and partly due to the ironman I put myself through.

Even when looking back at that journey of training the running was the one thing I thought I would nail but was the one thing I had to give up.

I want to get back to running. The purest form of exercise. The thrill of that runners high. The feeling of achievement when I reach the summit and the sense of adventure as I tackle the countryside with no plan or route.

This is my dream. My barriers are the usual ITBS and I’ve got a case of PF too. On that note – I best go do those exercises!

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