Glenn’s road to Ironman

The journey, the race.
I started the ironman journey after only 7months of triathlon. Inspired by others, I wanted to inspire others and pass it on. This is my journey.
Music Credits:
Kate Bush; Running up that hill (A deal with God Remix)
Youngblood Hawke; We Come Running 2013

5 responses to “Glenn’s road to Ironman

    • The cadets did a fantastic job especially in that rain! Can’t thank the volunteers enough for getting us all across that line fed and watered and with their encouragement! Don’t be fooled the photos don’t show me exhausted! 🙂

      • lol – well you did great !! i am soooo jealous – i am a newbie runner … my son is on his army selection day in a couple of weeks and it was the 2nd year he helped last year he even did the kids one .. i sooooooo need to start doing some proper running – how long did it take you to start to begin to be a proper runner

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