Have I left triathlon behind?

The short answer is yes

The long answer is no, not really.

There is no denying that my favourite discipline is running. It is this that got me to be the person I am today however wanky that may sound it is true.

Triathlon was a random unplanned diversion.

It is also true that my injuries seemed to start when I began triathlon. Though looking back it is not surprising. I did go into a full on cycle and swim training with little build up or base building. Ironically I think the main issues stemmed from cycling and it was this discipline I had to choose over running.

Now I’ve started to run again I’m starting to remember the pure joy I feel when I’m running out on the streets. It’s just a shame I’ve missed a whole summer or two of it.

However running in the cold, rain, wind and snow is a lot easier than cycling in it.

I have had wee thoughts of jumping on the road bike, I do miss it. Cycling to work on my Specialized Hybrid isn’t the same as riding the Giant Road bike along long sweeping pothole free sections of rural roads.

I’ve even got off a regular swim plan. The time it takes to get to the pool has been the main factor in this but I do hope to get some structure back into this very soon.

I’m still enjoying having no pressure of any up coming races to train for and I think it may be a while before I enter any. I need to get the confidence back into my running. And I need to start going out more regularly for that to happen.

So I’ll be back doing multi discipline sports soon just not yet and not while I’m enjoying running so much.

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