Men’s running magazine

A while back I posted on the facebook page of Men’s Running Magazine answering a post about losing weight and running. I’m a massive advocate of this and have seen the benefits of doing so, which is why when asked if I wanted to feature in their magazine, I couldn’t resist.

I feel like I’m an ordinary guy who has done something that a lot of other ordinary guys should do, and could do. I’m not talking about running marathons or doing ironmans but just losing 2-3 stone that they may be carrying as extra, as the benefits are countless.

My experience taught me that just losing half a stone made me feel like a different person. My addictive nature took over and I got carried away but not everyone needs to do that. I’m now hovering around 11st and have been for ages, thanks to exercise and knowing how much rubbish I’m able to eat.

So many people I see day in day out could do with just shedding stuff off their waist, not for vanity reasons, but for feeling fit and healthy.  I know not everyone want’s to feel super fit, but I’m sure no one wants to feel tired, run down, have heart burn, and unable to sleep, which are all the things that I felt when I was 13 stone and heavier.

I’m not going to bang on about it much more but this is the article, and it really says everything that needs to be said. Thanks to Men’s Running for publishing my story. You should go buy their magazine, they usually feature a fat to fit story each month which is great motivation.  Even I get motivated as I know what I don’t want to become 🙂


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