A pain in the tooth!

Of all things to disrupt my come back to exerciser extraordinaire (too much?) was tooth pain.

Tooth pain has been plaguing me for months. It nearly derailed my ironman effort by flaring up a week before the race. It flared up again Monday.

The pain is excruciating. It’s in the back top tooth and with every bump of my body a shooting pain will fire into my brain like a needle. A bump can be small, every heel strike foot step, each step when walking down stairs will fire the pain making me walk like a mouse. Every time someone bumps into my chair at work, and even if a door bangs shuts and the vibration can be felt through my body to my head. You can hopefully understand this pain and the triggers by now. So you will also understand what it’s like cycling.

Cycling Edinburgh’s cracked, potholed, speed bump ridden roads. Every little change in surface would ricochet up my body into the tooth and fire that pain. It was worse comin home on Monday. There’s short sections of cobbles that I can’t avoid. I was grimacing just thinking about it as I bumped over another crack. Until I had to travel over the surface. Fast was my approach as I held my tooth with my tongue as hard as I could. The feeling was like a pneumatic drill firing in my gum and into my brain. I just had to do something about it.

So yesterday I called the dentist and got an appointment that day. Lying in the chair I knew what the remedy would be. Extraction. The tooth had been worked on a number of times and wasn’t a happy tooth even after two failed root canals.

So out it went, with an almighty struggle. You know it’s tough when the dentists forehead starts to seep sweat.

Eventually it came out after being chopped into 3 parts. I asked to keep the crown as that cost me £300 and I don’t think I got my money’s worth 🙂

Sitting down in the chair after 20mins of tugging and resisting I felt beaten up. The dentist said. No strenuous activity for two days to make sure it clots good. So with that advice I went home and rested. And put on hold any recovery exercise.

Oh and I also worked on my ironman memento. Maybe I’ll post a picture of that next if you’re keen?

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