A weekend of pushing barriers

After returning from holiday I’d steadily got back into the swing of regular exercise. Starting slowly I eased myself into a run a swim and a commute by bike to work. Friday came and I had a real feeling of just wanting to get out there and exercise, I wanted to see how I’d fare in the three disciplines triathlon gives us.

So with that in mind and a check on the weather I decided a swim after work and I would run home after that. All this was decided in those minutes of drowsiness after the alarm goes and you contemplate starting your day.

Running home after work would be the hard part. This would be 10kms and so far since last August I’d only gotten as far as a 7km jaunt. I had faith though.

My tact would be to take my own advice. I’d recently evangelically passed on some wisdom to my best mate who I’m strength training with. He’s having difficulty running and the asthma is getting in the way. Now I’m not a doctor or an expert but my advice was to run at a slower pace and get through those 3 miles you can work on pushing the speed later but the goal is to run and not get asthmatic so slowing down will help the body cope with the excesses of exercise. This advice I took.

So after the swim, an unplanned steady swim 1500m in 31min, I laced up and steadily ran home. 10km in the bag. Good times.

Saturday mornin came and arranging a ride over a few beers the night before I set out with a mate in blowy conditions for an hour. This was the longest I’d spent on the road bike since last august. Again another barrier broken.

Well on the way to recovery.

Happy days.

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