It’s been a year since I heard those words “You are an Ironman” which has given me time to reflect.

Reflect on not only the achievement but also what my goals are and how they have changed. I’ve often thought to myself about triathlon and what I am next to do – the next race excluded. I’ve thought about the injuries that plagued my Ironman progress. I’ve thought about whether I did achieve what I set out to do. Deep in my mind I’ve got the idea of doing another Ironman, one where I will be able to train and not be injured. The effort that went into the last one was immense and I’m not sure I’m willing or able to commit to that again, so soon.

I know with more training that I could get a better time than I did in August 2013, although extremely happy to finish that time, and on the day lets face it, it could have gone tits up. I still feel like I’ve got something to prove and that I need to earn the Ironman title with a proper run and with more legs on the bike. This may seem harsh but that is how I feel. I daren’t change the title of this blog. I set it to – Road to recovery – after completing Ironman as I knew I had to rest and get my legs, knees and feet back to normal. I knew that I wanted to return to a level of fitness that I was before Ironman, although you could argue I was fitter but I didn’t feel like it as I was in pain.

The pain has gone, sometimes returns, and hence why an Ultrasound and MRI are scheduled for later this month, and I have achieved the goal I set back then, that I would not be recovered until I ran a half marathon or ride pain free for 50kms.

I ran a half marathon a few weeks back, it was tough, not exactly pain free but it was 21kms. I’m reluctant to say i’ve recovered as it wasn’t the run I wanted it to be. Though there were other factors that could have made it one of the worst runs I’ve done in a while. In 2 weeks time, the middle distance triathlon will be done and on the back of that I will decide whether my recovery is done and maybe by then I will know what is next.

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