New Challenge!

After the joy, euphoria and amazement of completing my Ironman race, against odds some may say, I have given a lot of thought over what is next.

I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been the past few weeks and the root to this is the fact I’ve no pressure anymore. The weight of ironman has been lifted and be enjoyed this period of no pressure.

Those who follow this blog will know I’ve been injured. This hampered my ironman journey. So it is a no brainier that my next challenge is to become injury free, once and for all get rid of this ITBS and this patella alignment injury. Both knees will need strength and conditioned to be ready for next season. I’m not going to enter anything until I can run a half marathon without injury or cycle 50km without knee pain. Those will be my litmus tests.

That is my challenge.

So my road to ironman has ended. My road to recovery has started…

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