Cycling the Hebrides: Day 11: Mallaig to Glenuig

Today was always going to be a bit rubbish. I knew our route followed the main route out of mallaig and we had to go on the main road for some of it. What surprised me was a shared use path, albeit just 1m wide, bumpy Tarmac with 1/2 metre gravel separating you and the main carriage way. The traffic was fast and in parts frequent with lorries. We detoured through Morar and Arisaig with their pretty villages and road snaking with the railway line. It undulated up and down. Rejoining the main route the shared use path was still there which was a relief as I didn’t fancy sharing my route with big lorries.

There were some long hills, sapping the energy out of my legs. It wasn’t pleasant. We were pleased to have reached the turn off at Lochailhort.

We were only a few Kms from our evening stay and we were glad. We did however stop and have a picnic on rocks in Loch Moidart where warning signs were telling you about the poison in the local shellfish. Lucky we don’t each any of that!

Arriving in Glenuig the sun was out and the tide was low exposing the mud flats way out in the distance.

We settled in the room and went to the bar and ordered some of their organic soft drinks, no big brand carbonated drinks here!!

Knowing our route the next day was not going near any shops we went to the local shop here which Andy likened to the types he came across in Namibia. It was basically a shed that was a shop, post office and community hub.

They didn’t sell sandwiches and all they had was babybell and crisps. So we bought them for our picnic the next day. We had enough chocolate to see us through.

That evening we supped beer and ate a good meal as we did almost every night so far. We were in bed by 10!




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