Running! Running! Running!

I’m pleased to announce that my running mojo has been returned and is currently embedded into my psyche as my favoured sport. For the first time in a while I will be taking part in a Run only event!

I’m quite excited about this but also maybe a bit daunted by it too.

For a long time I’ve said that I was a runner, not a good one, but for me I was good. The weight was gained and then lost through running. I know where I am with the sport, I know that I can run and get through 8kms oK and on a good day that will be sub 40 and on a better day nearer 35 or less.

Along came triathlon and all estimations went out the window. My swim was an unknown and my bike was terrible but I knew I could finish on a high. So my excuses had been made which meant pressure to do well was diminished to “I’ll take finishing”.

However running I know and can actively measure my performance and right now I’m not at the top of my game. My sub 1:30 half marathon PB is no where near being beaten this weekend. I’m likely to be nearer 1:38 or worse. My time at Aberfeldy half iron Tri was 1:45 for the run so I’d expect to do a tad better.

So I’m daunted by the pressure hut excited about the run. Excited about the nice and easy packing. Excited about only having to don trainers and some light clothes. Excited about running the Trails around Aviemore. Excited about the adventure.

Having said that, the current aches in my legs from my run this morning can get to… 🙂IMG_9260.JPG

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