Surprisingly easy

You have some days of running when all things seem to fall into place. Yesterday was one of those days.

My plan said run for 2hrs 15mins easy. I worked out a route the night before using 5min/km as my easy pace. The route measured out to be 28kms with the option of shortening it if timings weren’t right.

Having a tight schedule on Saturday I needed to be up early to fit it in so if planned to leave about 8:40 to be back by 11.

The sun was shining with frost covering the paths, I started running but I was in auto pilot and after about 5min I realised I went the wrong way! Doh. I wasn’t far off track but the detour added time.

Back on track following the route I planned, which is 80% away from roads, I found myself in a cool crisp Cammo estate. Running passed the old ruins of the old house I stopped and took photos. The scene just too nice not to.



Exiting the estate I crossed the road and followed the river Almond path to the crammond brig. Totally off road, usually muddy but the mud was frozen solid. Creeping passed the Brig, I turned onto the off-road cycle path and headed toward the coast.


The tide was way out and still. There seemed to be no wind. The path now is a track, still frozen I made my way along the forth toward South Queensferry. Glancing out to the Forth I realised I couldn’t see Fife which sits on the otherside of the estuary. It was shrouded in Haar. Or sea fret or mist depending on where you hail from.


I was heading straight into it. But before that I ran passed another old house, this one Dalmeny House is not so ruined.


The shore walk that I was following takes a turn on the Tarmac of the estate roads. No traffic save a few road bikes taking the detour from the A90

Eventually the haar started to engulf me. There was a eerie silence as the mist muffled the air. The sun slowly disappearing behind a wall of thick moisture. There were rain drops falling though made by the water condensing on the trees and forming large droplets sporadically dropping unevenly, heavily on the wooded floor.

My forehead also gathering water as it streamed mixed with sweat into my eyes.



The wood opens up as the path takes to the shore. Usually I’m presented by one of the wonders of the Industrial Age, the Forth Bridge. The fantastically sturdy rail bridge. I stood in awe and realised periodically the mist would clear and show parts of the bridge


Getting closer the full extent of the bridge came into focus. Towering over me. Emerging through the sea fret as if to repel it away



I’d reached South Queensferry. Feeling good. Running at a steady pace with no niggles either. I found the path up to the old railway lines where I turned inland. Escaping the mist and emerging back into the sunny day id started in. The sun warm on my face. A cold breeze could be felt, enough to dry my forehead.

I took a new path that I found while researching the route across the fields high above the A90 looking back toward South Queensferry

From here I was on familiar territory as I ran away from Edinburgh only to turn into Dalmeny estate.

I met a brave pheasant who didn’t really care I was there.


From here it was starting to get late, I was making calculated guesses of when I’d return home and as I’d been stopping to take photos I’d added time onto my run.

I picked up the pace in the last few Kms, raising my HR to above easy. I retraced my steps from the cramond brig to home and arrived feeling good if a bit tired.

28kms / 17.6miles

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