Edinburgh Marathon Spectating

The lads who ran the marathon did grand. The weather held up and we spectated do like pros. My OH will tell you like a pro “I’m an iron-supporter ” after watching me for 14 and a half hours that day. But we were great. Our estimation of when they’d pass the pans was spot on. As soon as we got there, one by one they passed. And when we returned they almost immediately passed us in succession again. 

Now I was feeling aggrieved that I wasn’t running and every so often a wave of disappointment would blow over me. Dammed foot! And my internal jealous monologue would be looking at these runners thinking “fuckers”. 

It was good seeing my mates run though. And I was having happy flashbacks to the time I had ran this route 5years back. 

5 years and the EMF is still full but they still get their shit wrong. 

For instance it’s the East Edinburgh and East Lothian run as only 6 miles are done within Edinburgh. Though the 10/5km are run in the centre they have no justification for this Edinburgh route. I urge you to read this blog for some happy musings about the run. 


I promise his views are sound even if his dress sense is questionable. 

One of mates, who admittedly finds running long distances boring and whose marathon was his first ran passed and lobbed two gels at me shouting “this is boring”! But he was talking about th route too. It is boring. And it is not in Edinburgh. 

I had no justification for staying longer than I did as the course being crap and no entertainment on the route so I left the other masses to get on with it. 

So spectating was difficult if only to get over my jealousy of not running and being reminded of my injury standing about with pain increasing the longer I stood. I’m now off to the Doctors to probably only be told that I need to rest and that it’ll be fine. Hmm. 

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