Dodgy territory for the waist

I’m not running and this news is shit. 7 weeks and not only has my depression started to set in but my waist is creeping up in size.  I could cycle and swim but that’s just boring. I want to be out there enjoying the cold summer and making the most of the trails while the nights are short. 

My foot got x rayed yesterday after a GP visit. I was in and out of the hospital in 20mins. Results in a week. I’m hoping it wasn’t a stress fracture but in part I do as at least that’s a decent excuse for not running.  Manning up has been a mantra I just can’t afford. 

So anyway the Dr said to use common sense and not run.  Not running in my book is non sensical! Has he even met a runner before???

Right now I’m just going to have to live with this fact and scorn every person I see running, force a smile when someone gloats over a great run and suck it up when I can’t run the 7 hills of Edinburgh race in two weeks. 

Life sucks when you can’t run. I need that on a T shirt pronto! 

Sorry for the winge. Normal service will resume when I’ve got a functioning foot. 

Kind regards 

spud, the one footed jealous idiot. 

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