Trouble ahead of the Marathon

Its been 6 weeks since I last ran which as preparation goes for a marathon next week isn’t the best.  

My last long run had me hobbling when I finished, the last two kilometres I could feel a twinge on the outside of my left foot between the little toe and heel. 

Cue rest rest and rest. Stress fracture ruled out and peroneal tendons assumed to be the cause, my meal times were accompanied by Ibuprofen. 

I’ve come off the drugs and the past 4days I have still had discomfort in my foot. 

This isn’t good. Up until now id been fooling myself that the marathon was still doable, that my preparation up until 6 weeks ago was good enough for me to give it a shot. 

To be truthful though, although I started well, in January and February, March was a bit haphazard with a lot of commitments. Then came April when I got back to the rhythm of running strong. The last run, 29kms of sub 3:15 marathon pace I felt good and hopeful of beating my 3:33 PB. 

So I’m disappointed and likely not to be toeing the start line next week. 

As always my last glimpse of hope is the run I’ll do today. 5 Kms. If it’s even a teeny bit sore or discomfort shows the I’m out. 

The worrying thing is, if it isn’t sore, will I run? 

Update: 15:45 post run

I’m definitely not running the marathon next week. The run was tough, I could feel discomfort on the sole of my foot. Not pain, just like extra pressure. 4.22 Kms of hard pavement running was a good test. 

It’s been 2hours since I came back and although it’s not painful I know it’s not 100%. 

I’m certainly not fit enough to run a marathon. These 6 weeks off have taken their toll. I’m gutted as I would have liked to have toed the start line with my mates and also would have loved to go for a PB. 

Alas my head is ruling my heart and I know all too well running when injured is bad news. As ironmum points out in the comments. 

I’ll be back soon enough I hope. Ready to take on another. 

2 responses to “Trouble ahead of the Marathon

  1. My advice, for what it is worth, is don’t do it. Its not worth it if you do more damage. Likelihood is you will be resting for another month then you can build again towards your next big challenge. If you run the marathon you could set yourself back weeks maybe months. You have run Edi before – you know what its like. Aim towards something new and put it behind you. 🙂

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