Back to zero

Last weekend, I travelled to the hills to fight nature and failed on two levels. One, I couldn’t run up the hill with the head wind I was making zero progress and the rain was like darts hitting my eye balls. I turned back after 1km and jumped back into the car. Not content with running 2kms I headed for the relative safety of the Water of Leith where I ran another time. The second failure came when I tried to stretch a tight back. The night before I’d been aware that my lower back was tight and so I took to a bit of stretching while watching crap tv. The back was still stiff on the run and I thought a bit of stretching would “do me good”. 

I stopped after 3kms. Leant against a sturdy if wet tree and grasped it while my hips were at 90. I could feel the pull on the lower back down my spine. Not content with this, I decided to go low. Down on my honkers in a deep squat. 

Maybe I went down to quickly, maybe it just wasn’t ready to be that long, but as soon as I got down there. A warm harsh spike of a pain hit both gulteous muscles and my lower back screamed in pain. I quickly got up. I waddled around both hands on the lower side of the back. Arching. I was in pain. Every step was discomfortingly worrying. I walked a few steps. I couldn’t lift my legs much. My mind started to dream of being hypothermic and to me dying on the ground due to exposure. A rocky sort of stoicism came across me that I would not be defeated. I started a bimble. A trot if you like. If I kept my back upright an my stomach right I could kinda run. At least enough to keep the warmth on. 

I made it back to the car and a rather agonising drive home where even putting the handbrake on would jerk my back so much. 

I’ve been on codine all week. I’m better but still out of running. Yesterday I walked about Prague and it seemed to ease the more I moved. The hike up the hill to the Petra tower was fun. Some exercise without pain. 

Wondering if I’ll be able to ride to work or if I’ll have to bus it in. My stretching routine will need to be on point to get me up and running again. 

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