SwimRun – the beginning

What’s this all about? I thought about a year ago. Swimming and Running, Running and Swimming.  I saw a race was being planned to swim across a loch, then run across some islands and also swim in between them.  That sounded cool.  And there, the seed was sown.

I needed this in my life. But how? when?

One day, a few months ago, while on a taper for the Tiree Ultra, clearly bored and insane, I saw an event advertised, Breca Swimrun.  This immediately appealed with it being in the Lakes, reading on I saw that I needed a team mate.. hmm I thought. Who would do this? Now my memory gets hazy, wind forward a few weeks, post Tiree and I’ve got Tony texting me saying we should enter. So we did, not immediately like, but after we did some research.  Up until this point, I’d just seen, swim 6km, run 38km across lakes and up fells in the Lake District and was like YEAH LET’S DO THIS! But just as you go on and start entering, the rules are flashed in your face..

  • Wetsuit must be worn (obviously),
  • all equipment must be carried,
  • you must have fell shoes,
  • first aid kit must be carried in a waterproof carrier,
  • you must stay within 10m of each other…
  • you need a team name!

The team name was the hardest thing to work out. We eventually settled on “One doesn’t swim, one doesn’t run” a nod to our respective strengths.

We were in.

A few months on and we’re just ramping up into training mode.  Running has started for us both and I think Tony has started swimming.  I need to start swimming again properly.  We both need to get it together but as it is still 8 months away we’re kinda relaxed.

Last weekend we met up with Rosemary and Izzy who’d done a few last year to get some tips.  Practice transition was my main takeaway, oh and just increasing swimming distance and running distance isn’t the way forward.  I’m sure we’ll have more questions as we continue to learn about this awesome sport. I’m also scared by the quote “Harder than an Ironman”! Surely not? there’s no tedious 180km/ 8 hr bike ride to do! Time will tell.


11 responses to “SwimRun – the beginning

  1. Good luck Spud. As a weak cyclist I’m keen to have a go at swimrun, just need to persuade my buddy he can still do Breca and the Outlaw.

  2. Having read the race report I think i know the answer to this, but with reflection time was it?

    “I’m also scared by the quote “Harder than an Ironman”! Surely not?”

    • That quote was actually in relation to Otillo which is much longer than Breca. Bit out of context. I think I felt just as exhausted at the end of Breca as I did Ironman but that may just be fitness related. On reflection after the race it wasn’t harder but it had the same mental effort.

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