Finding inspiration with Manflu

So I’ve got manflu and everyone should know this. The cold is making my teeth sore which is a new one on me. I’ve been attempting to keep my spirits up but I’m craving those endorphins. 

It’s almost been a week now and having not swam or run I feel like it’s a massive step back in my training… Oh wait a minute. I don’t have a plan for this swim run. Shit. 

If I was feeling up to it I would have put my head down and thought about a plan. Right now tho all I can do is cough my lungs up and dream of swimming and running. 

Anyway planning is good tho and I’ve planned a couple of adventures and while I’ve been ill I’ve been watching Vimeo and seeking inspiration. 

There’s all sorts of inspirational stuff on here and right now my heart bleeds for trail running as I read blog posts about snow running, scroll through Instagram pictures of trail running in the snow and as I gaze out the window into crisp blue sky over to the snow covered Pentlands my heart is bleeding for trail running. 

Here’s a few that have caught my attention. 

Of Fells and Hills
The Pleasure and The Pain
Life On the Fells this one is particularly great. 
The Beauty of The Irrational 
Miles Away inspired me for my upcoming trip to Barcelona 

Have you any good videos you’d like to share? 

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