Post Race Binge

Does anyone else do this? Fall off the waggon after completing the year’s main event for them? 

I’m 3 weeks in post SwimRun and I’ve been lazy. I’ve almost stopped my training, 1-2 runs per week since, nothing in the first week. I haven’t swam and I’ve eaten a mountain of junk since. 

Quite ironic that Men’s Running UK decided to regurgitate my fat-loss story on Facebook and Twitter yesterday. 

What a wake up call! I’ve not jumped on the scales yet and I’m not going to as I know myself I need to get running again without the scales telling me so. My year isn’t over and I’ve got new goals to plan. I just need to start!

6 responses to “Post Race Binge

  1. I always feel like falling off the wagon has a lot to do with lacking motivation. After the marathon I just felt so down and directionless, I needed a new challenge! Have you got something in the pipeline? x

    • Yeah me too! But this binge needs to stop. Back on the greens and healthy dinners. Can’t promise I won’t eat a Greggs now and then tho lol

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