An unexpected run

Those days you wake up and you’re not feeling 100%, and you find any excuse not to run. Sunday was one of those days. I’d not slept the best and a mild sore throat lingered.  I needed to get a long run in, and one on the trails too which meant heading to the Pentland hills. I’d cleaned the gutters, been to the DIY shops, any excuse not to run and it was mid afternoon.  I decided that if I could climb ladders and clean gutters I could run.  So I did.

The weather was looking changeable.  It was cool, with heavy clouds. Parking at Threipmuir reservoir the rain started.  I pulled on the Mudclaws and headed up the road toward West Kip.  I wasn’t feeling it. My legs felt heavy, breath hard to get and struggling to continue.  I made it to the top of the first drag and stopped at the top. I walked a bit, it was cold and breezy so decided to run on.  The rain was hammering down, and I was on the long drag up hill that lasts for about 2kms.  It was awful.

My back was tight, and after I reached the first summit, I stopped to stretch. I lay on the floor and rolled my legs back and forth, something I’d learnt at the fitness classes I’ve been going to (#neverstoplondon but in Edinburgh). To be honest, all I wanted was to rest. I really wasn’t enjoying this run. I walked for a bit, the sun broke through the thick black clouds behind me and lit up the Pentland range. I stopped to snap the scene, again to rest.

I decided to walk up the West Kip, mainly because it is near vertical.

Another thick cloud was in front and heading my way, a rainbow started to appear from the ground up, looking like it was striking out of the ground up to the sky.

Immediately I was brought out of my bad run and remembered why I run.

I ran down the hill into the valley with this massive cloud coming toward me, rainbow getting stronger until I was in the rain.


Getting home I was tired that evening, and eventually decided to look at Strava and to my amazement I got a PR on the run up the hill. It’s funny how a bad run can be a good run.




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