Run Commute done for 2016

My festive streak has given me a great opportunity to run to work everyday. The journey is 6km and takes about 30 mins which isn’t bad. Though throughout December it is hard to catch any true daylight. Tho my working time this year has completed my festive streak has not!

I’ve had many opportunities to watch the sun rise over Edinburgh from an amazing vantage point over the city. I’m lucky my route takes me through Corstorphine Hill Nature Reserve through a wood with a view at the other end. 

Here are some of the views over the past 22 days. 

And this morning was a little different. The first time in this month to be running to work in the rain but accompanied by hail, snow, wind and some thunder and lightning thrown in! 

This brings me a total to 158km so far this month! 

Long may this festive streak continue 

2 responses to “Run Commute done for 2016

  1. Great views- it’s amazing to see how the landscape changes. Whenever I do my long run, part of my routine is to go up to the lookout at Greenwich and take a photo. It really makes you appreciate the changing seasons!

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