I’ve been following the Cape Wrath Ultra on social media, from the 2016 race to the chatter it got.  Ourea events have been ramping up the chatter even more with the film of the event, cleverly released in enough time to get some traction and interest in the race for 2018.  It certainly has my attention.  You can watch the film here but be warned you may get sucked in!

It’s a 400km, 8 day event.  From Fort William to Cape Wrath.  I’ve been fascinated by Cape Wrath for a long time, I think it’s the name but also because it’s the far top left of mainland Britain, and remote.  Andy and I visited there a few years back, the journey by boat and then by minibus added to the adventure, but I always longed to get there by foot. Sandwood bay being one of the places I need to visit.

The fact that it starts in Fort Bill is also interesting, these A-B races speak to my heart and make me want to take that journey.  It is also the next stage in my obsession of running – doing a multi stage event. My own adventure of the St Cuthbert’s Way, day after day was amazing, though I had the comfort of hotels and beds rather than camping – I want and need to do more of these things.

Goodness me, I’ve not even done this year’s mental event never mind thinking about one that is going to be a year in the making.

The draw of Fort Bill is also interesting, as by then, I hopefully will have travelled from Edinburgh to Fort William, via Ben Nevis on the @ratraceUK City 2 Summit race, and for me to then continue the journey next year to the North of the UK would be ace.

I now need to worry about raising the cash (£1600) and securing a place on the race that the organisers say may sell out quickly.. though not sure if this is just scaremongering, but it has probably worked.

Right now the seed has sown, and I am trying to figure out why I shouldn’t do this race, why I shouldn’t enter.  The pluses speak for themselves.  The negatives, well, are there any? Pressure to not get injured? Lack of technology for 8 days (not a real negative), Only serving Vegetarian Food on the camp, perhaps but I could always take some freeze dried meals! Someone tell me why I should NOT do this race before I commit myself.  I just feel sorry for Andy for having to put up with me.  I’m sure he’ll be glad that this isn’t really a spectator friendly race 🙂



5 responses to “Obsessing

  1. Erm, went to a talk last night by two adventurous types and they did it last year … they were saying how amazing it was?! They did also say you have to navigate well and move relatively fast to make the cut-offs. Sounded awesome, but I know I am not up to running those sort of distances day after day (yet) 😀

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