Post ultra feet

I have to say that I was amazed to get zero blisters whilst running Glasgow to Edinburgh. I put it down to merino wool socks and hard feet. I was even more amazed that my toenails stayed in tact too. I’ve always lost two or three after an ultra. And this was my longest by far and all on hard tarmac or hard dirt track so I do wonder how. However, I’m not unscathed at all in that area. 

My pads, forefoot pads, were achy and got a lot of pounding from my 11.5stone body. But seemed to calm down and get back to normal after the race pretty quickly. Cue 21 days later and after my long run Wednesday morning they’re hurting. 

Canal union Edinburgh.

Back here again. Hard surface

So much that I gave myself a pedicure and rid my soles of a lot of skin. Usually I feel refreshed after this procedure but I’ve had a warm scratchy feeling ever since the run and can feel my heart beat through my forefoot which is weird. 

I’m not sure if they’re just beaten in or something else but I need to run trail for a while as Wednesday’s run was on hard surface again. 

I even made it to the top of Arthur… though my legs weren’t happy with me. 

Do you have any tips for soothing feet? 

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