Mobility & Nutrition

I suck at both of these. Like, really, I’m shit.  I may be able to run over hills and long distances but I am not flexible. My lack of flexibility and core strength is what gives me injuries. I’ve written before how Pilates helped me in the past but time to fit this in is impossible.

Nutrition has been a bug bear to me over the past few years, since losing weight, i’ve steadily gained some, through ultra training and eating anything that passes me.

This led me to get a Personal Trainer.  My two goals are to become more flexible and get the right nutrition in each meal.  Starting with some strange animal poses and focussing on lunches that can be pre-planned and made ahead.

I made these today

and started to get to work on some flexibility exercises the PT has put me to. I’m pretty motivated to do this and actually enjoyed cooking and preparing these for the week ahead!

Give me some tips if you have any to try, Think protein, veg and then a fist size portion of carbs is what the PT says.

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