Kinda like a sports bra but for my belly

So here it is. I’m laying it all bare. Before you get too excited it’s pretty “bore off” territory. You’d think that a person who this year has run 2 ultras and an iron distance ish duathlon may not suffer from this. Nay, the guy who ran a 20:07 5Km just last week. But I’ve got a problem with my belly. It bounces. 

Normally this is managed by a tight fitting base layer – to help keep me warm in the winter and sweat away in the summer – of course! Nope! The real reason is that it keeps the belly fat from jiggling and bouncing about. Like a sports bra for ladies but for people to keep their belly in check. 

Tonight I was forced to run without said belly bra due to a washing malfunction (I’ve been busy alright!) 

The bouncyness was too much. My abs, yes I’ve got some, but they’re hidden, got a work out just to stop the fat from pulling my skin away from the skeleton. 

I’ve got sore abs now. 

How have I got to this state? Post race binge, perhaps. But truth be told I’ve weighed 75kg for some time now and I even ran Glasgow to Edinburgh at this weight which didn’t particularly help my feet. 

The weight has crept up. Over time. Since losing weight in 2010 to get myself to a nifty 69kgs I’ve struggled to maintain. Usually increase in training helps keep it at bay but perhaps the older I get the more efficient my body becomes. And with distance running comes the thinking “I’ve just ran 20miles I’m gonna eat EVERYTHING” which I do, but three days later, I’m still eating everything. Pies. Pizza. Chocolate biscuits. Mmmm 

So here it is. My issue laid bare. The past couple of months I’ve been seeing a PT to get myself in check. Focus on being injury free which means get some mobility and get the belly down which means sort the nutrition. 

I thought I was nailing it but alas I stepped on the scales and I was 3kg heavier than when I started. Talk about disappointment. 

Now I know I’m nowhere near my 87kg 2009 weight but I do feel I’ve gone backwards. 

My motivation is to get to 69kg. Be injury free. Be able to haul myself over the 8 day Cape Wrath Ultra trail and perhaps get a sub 19min 5km run. Help?! 

Here’s my 2010 weight loss before and after- I hope to be more like the right than the left! 

4 responses to “Kinda like a sports bra but for my belly

  1. Scales can be the Devil’s implement. It could be you have added some muscle with the PT work. Or it could be too much food and/or alcohol 😀 However, you are better off using a tape measure and measuring yourself rather than relying on the scales. To be really effective when weighing you have to put them in the same spot, weigh yourself at the same time yadda yadda. Sometimes you will have excess water retention. I have weighed myself 4 times in a row on some mornings and got 4 different weights. If you measure your hips and tummy and monitor those inches that will be a better gauge of whether you are losing weight and toning up. Trust me 😀

  2. I can really recommend Grace Mckenzie for advice on this. She did nutrition analysis for me and really helped me understand why I was always hungry and how to lose a bit of weight whilst still being able to train effectively. 🙂 Can send you contact details if interested.

    • Thanks Rosemary, I’ve got a PT working with me on nutrition, if this doesn’t work out, I’ll give this a shot. Trouble is, i’m eating 2000Kcal a day but not losing any, so I’m switching things about to see if it can kick start the loss!

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