Time on feet

I read that ultra training is mainly spending time on your feet. And learning to run fatigued. So today I did just that.

I’d ran last night, a swift 5km, then had 3 beers at the pub (was working away). My colleague convinced me a 6am run would be good so I naturally agreed and duly went to bed. Cue 2:30am wide awake. I didn’t manage to get back to sleep after this.

I was tired when I got up. I had that kinda delirious feeling and was just in auto pilot. The air was cool and it was still dark. Setting off for a 10km run.

I certainly didn’t feel fresh but I got on with it. I also did this fasted so mimicking what races will be like.

Thankfully it was worth getting up for and we had a lovely sunrise from Stafford Castle (on the hill)!

Getting back into Edinburgh after a 4hr train journey I was surprised by the nice weather and decided spontaneously to walk passed the bus stop and continue to walk home. It took me an hour but it was nice and spending the time on my feet. Tired.

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