I’m back (I think)


With a new found confidence I’m declaring I’m a runner again. My body feels beaten up and I’m sore all over but I reckon I’m back.  Why this sudden confidence I hear you cry?

2 things:

I raced last night.  I raced 5 x 5kms.  Yep that’s 5kms, 5 times, in the same night. Mental I know but it was all for the Nocturnal Ultra from Foxtrail. These guys really know how to put on a race and along with 2 more mental folk we did a relay race consisting of running as many 5km laps in 6 hours, in the dark, taking it in turns.  I got 5 laps in. And the ankle held ok, apart from a slight niggle on the 5th lap, all was good.

There were folk doing the whole thing as a solo runner and part of me wished I was up to that standard but alas I am not and was more than happy to be running.

The course was great, some mixed trails, woodland, farmyard, farm track, beach, and a bit of field.  The best bit was running through the Party Barn 2km into the route, you could hear and see it for most of the route as the music blared across the dark surroundings.  It was motivation and fun.

The marshals and organisers as always with these guys were brilliant and friendly. I was pleased to have finished that last lap as the wheels were definitely falling off. The 1st and 2nd were fine, the 3rd got a bit tough to get going and the 4th was horrible with a stitch in my shoulder! I was pleased for Nick’s handtorch as my head torch could barely light up my feet.

The most interesting part of this format was what to do for the 50mins of stoppage between laps.  I ate and sat and kept warm.  My motivation would dip after the run and getting myself back into the mood for running was tough.  Waiting for the team mate to come through the fence was interesting also as we were always never sure when they would return and if they’d be having a good or bad lap.  That meant they’d surprise us and then I’d have to take my jacket off and then just run. No time to think and no time to get psyched up!  The first 100m were always tough but the rhythm soon returned.

A great race and a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

The 2nd thing…

I watched the Cape Wrath Ultra video two nights ago. Giving the heeby geebies and some motivation all in one go.  Have a watch below:

Tempted?? I know some are selling their spots so if you are, let me know!

So that is why I’m declaring that I’m back.  Time to focus on the base for the next 6 months of OH MY GOD Training!

2 responses to “I’m back (I think)

  1. Just watched the video. Now I know why you are doing it. I haven’t had goosebumps like that since watching Ironman videos before we raced. What an amazing looking race. Serious training head on now!

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