16 Week Plan… done!

I’ve made a plan!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 19.10.27

It’s not very extensive, or full, or complete, but it is there!

The colours relate to where I can and can’t run.  Fitting ultra training around a job, holidays, days out at the rugby and life is hard, so I find it useful to mark when I can and can’t run.  The green days symbolise important weekends of back to back to back runs. Where I’ll do 3 longish runs back to back.

I’ve planned the important increase in back to back mileage and I plan to fit in between these an increase in training days and also rest days.

I probably won’t fill out each of the days to the minute detail as I know that a plan is hard to follow when things crop up I will need to think on my feet and change.  I’m also not convinced that I will be 100% injury free.  So perhaps not filling it out is also psychological too.

Cape Wrath isn’t far away but I do have time to ramp up my time on feet, my running when tired, and plan the equipment needed.

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