Ultra Equipment!

Is there no other better thing than buying kit?

I need to buy:

  • Poles, to practice using and help me on the hills
  • Trail Shoes, the mudclaws are running out of miles 😦
  • Road shoes, These are worn and also getting to the 500km mark.
  • A battery pack thingy, to charge my phone, watch, satnav on the ultra as they don’t have charging in the middle of no where apparently.
  • An 80L waterproof bag as my kit bag for the ultra
  • And probably a ton of other things…

Oh and a commuter bike since my bike got stolen I’ve not replaced it but I know that I can’t run to work and back every day and I need an alternative!

So many things, and any advice is appreciated on the above list!

Starting to think about what I do have that I may need to replace.. my Salomon Ultra Skin Hydration pack – this has been quite trusty in previous ultras, though has signs of wear and tear.  I’m also tempted to take my OMM 35l pack which fits a lot and is quite snug too.

Two pairs of shoes? I mean I didn’t think about it before, but do I need a spare pair?


2 responses to “Ultra Equipment!

  1. I am not able to answer many of your questions but I would have thought a spare pair of shoes might be a good thing and lots of pairs of socks (and blister plasters/vaseline)

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