I miss my bike

It’s been a few months since my lovely hybrid got stolen from me by a deranged idiot* and I’ve still not replaced him.

I could say it’s because I’m busy and there are SO many options out there but I think in reality it’s because I’ve been focussed on my running.

My Facebook memories have reminded me though of the freedom a bike gives (not that running doesn’t) but it’s different.

Throwback to 2016 and I was cycling up the Northumberland Coast without a care and it reminded of how awesome it was to do some bike packing.

I also miss that bike, which wasn’t that special, fairly cheap and heavy but it was my bike and I’d been all sorts of places on it. It was my first bike I bought to cycle commute and the bike we travelled the Hebrides on and all those trips! So perhaps I’m also just a bit sad and don’t actually want to replace him. 😦 but I will!

*unsure if this person was deranged or an idiot. Definitely a dick.

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