Huge training week

This week I reached a total of 75 km in training which is by far my furthest of this training cycle. It’s been a good week of being able to get out and enjoy running.

I’m getting the old niggles of long distance running rear their heads so I’m going to try to get more gym trips in per week and some good stretching routines in as well.

This weekend had the main running events with a 4 hour jaunt over the hills on Saturday followed by a 2 hour run/ walk through the north of Edinburgh. Both of these runs I tried to keep to trail and traffic free as much as possible. I managed it quite well seeing as though I ran from my home in Edinburgh. I’m quite lucky to have a lot of traffic free routes. The best being the Water Of Leith path which follows a river all the way up to the hills. With links to the canal you could (and I have) run to Glasgow traffic free.

View of pentland hills

The view toward the Pentland Hills. The highest point is Allermuir Hill dead centre

The view from near Allermuir hill looking back to where I took the first photo.

Happy to see some snow!

Yesterday I explored an urban nature reserve I didn’t know existed until someone posted on twitter. It’s a missing link between Corstorphine Hill to the North Edinburgh cycle paths meaning I’m able travel traffic free for a lot of the way to work.

4 responses to “Huge training week

  1. Where is the nature trail? If I go Corstorphine Hill to the cycle path I take the route across the golf course, then through Mary Erskine school and Ravelston Woods then short road section to get on at the path junction from a small estate road. Is there another way I need to know about?! 😀

    • Nope that’s it. I had no idea it was there! Tho I didn’t go through the school. I turned left when I hit the main road and entered the woods just around the corner. Is running through the school ok? Is that allowed? Lol

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