An 80km week

I stretched the 80km over 5 days fairly evenly. Partly as I was due to be travelling this weekend but also because the snow came and I wanted to run in it!

I’ve had some awesome runs in snow this week. It changes everything. The scenery, the workout, the approach to running and my ankles got a good workout too.

I was pleasantly surprised that I only needed to do a 2.5hr run this weekend to make up my weekly goal of 8hrs. Next week I’m on 10hrs. And most of this weeks runs have been actually running. Rather than my sedate running and walking.

The Cape Wrath Ultra looms ever closer. This week the organisers held a webinar Q&A which was great but also made it more real. Especially since niggles started this week. Eeek! The event organisers did say that this race isn’t a race. More of a journey and that’s exactly why I signed up. Its gonna be epic and I can’t wait. Doesn’t mean I’m not shitting a brick tho!

Niggles aren’t too much to worry about but I’m gonna iron myself out when I can book a massage. The knees started to get achey on today’s run and got some mild shin complaints. But that’s better than I have been.

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