That Damn Bird

I swear there’s only one Cuckoo alive in the UK and that cuckoo followed us from Fort William to Cape Wrath. ALL-THE-WAY!

Have you ever noticed that although they say Cuc-koo in a two toned never changing sequence, you can change their meaning and start adding your own interpretation of that sound? No? Just me then… Like, when you say a word over and over again, the word starts to sound strange or take on a different meaning. That is what seemed to happen with the call of that Cuckoo.

The trees, distant or near, acting as speakers. Blasting the call of that Cuckoo everywhere. Have you also noticed you never actually see the damn bird? Adding more weight that it is an elaborate network of Sonos speakers along the cape wrath route. Which is weird ‘cos wifi is actually a problem* out there.

With your mind exhausted from running and in a calorie deficit state the sound of the Cuckoo would haunt our every waking being. Our minds altering what they were saying depending on our current mental state.

Sometimes it would wake us. “Get-Up, Get-up, wake-up, wake-up” it would call at 4am when first light struck.

It would be there at the end of the day “well-done, well-done, well-done”.

It would be there during the day. Goading us to get a move on. Annoying us as we fought through long periods of pain and displeasure “fas-ter, fas-ter, fas-ter” it would call.

It would be there through the ups too. “Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo, woo-hoo”

It might even be externalising your internal thoughts “fuck-off, piss-off, fuck-off” like when that injury got worse. Or in my case, stubbed my already stubbed toe for the 5th time that minute. (Sorry Mum for swearing)!

It seemed to be there when there was no tree or other object that is high and vertical making it even more annoying and troublesome. Where are you Cuckoo?! Or are we just going a bit Cuckoo?

Perhaps there are just many along this remote corridor of Scotland and they were cheering as we entered their playground. In reality they are just calling for a shag and we just happened upon their wolf whistling to their mate**

A Cookoo themed blog brought to you by Cuckoo Cape Wrath.

*only a problem if you need it. Which you shouldn’t until you reach camp of course.

**not a scientific fact

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