Isn’t it ironic?


Should have done this when it first happened. Tho not sure when it did occur. It could have been the work sports day during a game of touch rugby. It could have been over using my Vibram Five Fingers. It could have been after my calves spasmed on the down hills of the seven hills race. It could have been a lot of things but all of a sudden my Achilles is sore and I’m out of running.

Two weeks later and I’m still suffering. Well suffering is a bit of an exaggeration, more I’m still resting as it still doesn’t feel 100%.

As a runner, athlete, cyclist or whatever, you learn to listen to your body. You know when your body is good, when it is tired or dehydrated and most of all you know when your body is injured. You know the difference between tired legs, delayed onset muscle syndrome and what is a genuine injury. You learn to ignore the niggles if you know they’ll be OK. You learn to listen to those niggles that don’t go away. You also get absolutely paranoid when you are injured as to the cause, effect, and impact of the injury. Not only physically but mentally. It is a test of anyone’s patience when they’re used to training to stop and rest.

I’m no proffessional, I’m barely amateur I am just a guy who runs, or rather ran until a couple of weeks ago. Tonight is the first night I’ve applied the full R.I.C.E. theory. I’ve rested, i’ve even elevated but I haven’t iced and haven’t compressed until tonight. I’m getting desperate. I was a fool to think the injury would be fine after a week, a short gentle 5 km run soon proved that theory wrong.

The injury has come at a terrible time, well there could be worse times but to me, right now it is terrible. I’ve just entered two marathons, both within the same month weeks apart. I had decided to do this as I knew I had enough time to train hard for them to be able to get a PB in one at least. This was to be my next challenge, my new goal, my something to obsess over. Now i’m just obsessing about my ankle and when it will heal. I’ll let you all know when it does. Then maybe I can blog about running.

My foot getting cold

Applying the RICE theory

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