Challenges and adventure

Since I was little I loved adventure. Travelling and exploring places was not only something I wanted to do but I had to do, it isn’t coincidence that one if my traits is being nosey or as I prefer to call it inquisitive! In some ways running lets me do both of these.

My running is partly an excuse to get me outside and exploring what’s there, either at home or abroad on holiday. I don’t like pounding the pavements if it’s the same ones every day. I need to explore each street just to see where it could lead. The thought of missing out on something annoys me so I need to know I’ve seen all I could see.

The draw of the un-run path lures me into running it. There’s nothing more pleasurable than randomly stumbling on a path you’d never known existed or turning a corner to see a view you never knew was there. This feeling is what I crave when I run.

When I lived down in Twickenham I found loads of routes that you wouldn’t have guessed could be found in the suburbs of London. The Thames path is an obvious one but there is a little known route called the river Crane which is an oasis in the middle of a built up area. Meandering under dual carriage ways and in between industrial yards the amount of wildlife is fascinating. And when running it, you can sneak up on wildlife and catch a glimpse of their world.

Back in Edinburgh the exploration of the old railway lines that cut through the buildings. Over roads, under roads, through tunnels and over viaducts, all in the middle of the city. These paths need to be run.

Then there’s the challenges. Part of the adventure is to see if you can do something you’ve never done before. Run a marathon, run over hills, hike up mountains. Each time I complete something for the first time gives me a buzz.

My next challenge is to cycle the C2C – Whitehaven to Tynemouth in three days. Then it’s to run two marathons in one month. And I just can’t wait!!

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