Physio – I’m still not running!

Injuries – even the smallest injuries have an adverse affect on anyone’s lives who need to remain active.  That is a fact. The adverse affect is more than just not being able to run it is a change in routine, a change in mood, a change in athletic ability it is a change of lifestyle which has this snowball affect.

That snowballing affect can only be stopped if it is stopped slowly and gently.  This I am finding out the hard way.

My last post was basically the effect of my ego and stubbornness telling me I was OK to run.  It told me that I’d be fine and buck the trend. It told me that what I had read on the internet was nonesense and that I could ignore it because I was different and that my injury – however small – was easily overcome and I’d be back on my feet in no time and that that time was then. It was not.

What I really needed to do, from the start was to find the cause of the pain, find why it was like that, what other factors are playing to keep me from getting better and to be able to understand all this so I could get on a right course to getting better.  Rest alone wasn’t going to do it.

Physio time.

I bit the bullet after that Monday run and decided to make an appointment.  I’d been reluctant up until then as I thought I could get better without the help of a trained professional and without paying him £49! for the pleasure.  I guess in some ways I was being tight!

The appointment went well, I came out feeling positive and with a feeling that I could overcome this.  Certainly the physio rekoned that I’d be on my feet and able to train for the double marathons in October. I had plently of time and I was at a good enough fitness that a couple of weeks out wasn’t going to harm me.

His synopsis of my injury was overuse, and being tight throughout my system, from my butt to my calves all the way down was tight and needed stretching.  Muscles that are tight put undue pressure on the Achilles and this is what has probably caused my injury.

I’m not the best stretcher, I do stretch after runs, never before and only for about 10 mins do I stretch. In reality I need to spend about 20mins stretching off at the end and a bit of stretching at the start.  I’ve been on a week of stretching twice a day and on anti inflammatory gel until the swelling and creaking goes.

The physio said rest til the weekend and then you can go for a max of a 10km run!

So here I am, Sunday and about to head for a run. I’m nervous.  I’m not feeling any pain in my ankle, I’ve not for a couple of days. The creaking went by Thursday. I’ve been wearing my new running trainers all week so I can wear into them and also wear a supportive shoe when walking to / from work etc.  I think I’ve done all I can and even had a stretch this morning. I can’t help thinking though that by going out I could be undoing a whole week of effort.

The doubts are flying in my mind, was the Phyiso right? Should I go for a run? Will this make me worse? Will I be -arrrgh! I need to stop thinking and just do.

I’m off and will report back.

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