I’m not an amphibian

Tonight I went swimming. It was tough. Tougher than I thought it would be. I mean, I’ve swam before, I’ve been swimming since I was 5 and even had lessons but this was different. I actually have a goal and that is to do a triathlon. A sprint tri, of 750m swim, 20km bike ride and a 5km run. I can run 5km, and I’m sure I can ride 20km but after tonight, the swim seems like it may be impossible.

This has come as a bit of a surprise to me, I didn’t think 30 lengths was gonna be that hard but after tonight’s debacle it might be!

First of all it’s the effort of getting into the pool. And tonight being the first time in that pool I had to get over the newbie mistakes, finding the changing room was difficult, I was expecting it to be a male changing room but when confronted with a woman you suddenly get second thoughts, so I turned around and walked out. Only to find that it was unisex so I must have looked a bit daft. Next task was working out where the lockers were and how they worked. Then getting the getting changed bit. I don’t know what it is but I never feel comfortable getting changed into swimming stuff. Self conscious maybe but it’s more than that. Then making my way to the pool, working out what the lanes meant was a bit difficult too. All in all it was a bit of an effort but glad the first time is over.

Then it was swimming, not that difficult but length after length when you’re not used to it, it is. I was in the middle speed lane (the only lane that wasn’t been used by swim lessons) and I was getting lapped by a middle aged woman. That wasn’t that good, but the kids (16ish) who were having lessons were doing 3 lengths to my 1! That was disheartening but I carried on.

I did 10 lengths, then had a rest. Then did two more and felt knackered. Then I kept going and lost count of how many I had done. I started feeling dizzy with all the head movement to breathe, then kept of sniffing up water for some reason and it’s just all wrong. I had a plan in the water and that was to just see how many lengths I could do to gauge pool fitness. Not very clearly. Also I tried to breathe properly, every three breaths is supposed to be optimal but it didn’t seem natural and I was always getting caught short on oxygen that two sometimes seemed a better option.

So I stopped, after I don’t know how many lengths and got out dripping wet in chlorinated water. I’m not sure how you’re then supposed to just jump on a bike but I guess I’ll worry about that later. Then it’s the next cufuffle, getting dried and changed (obviously I have opted not to just jump on a bike, as the thought of going out in freezing temperatures in dripping wet clothes doesn’t seem appealing)

Let it be known that putting a baselayer top on when you’re damp is difficult. It went on all weird and I couldn’t get it back off so I had to live with it being twisted and preventing me from having full motion of my arm and shoulder movements. Then the seemingly easy tasks of putting shoes on, zipping zips and packing up was taking all that little bit of extra energy and it just seemed like this was more effort than it should have taken. Why was this? Oh yeah, I was tired, hungry and grumpy!

But what an effort, compared to running! Swimming takes a lot more preparation and clearly it takes more out of me than a 25min run does! Am I really a water based athlete? Should I just stick to running?

Anyway with a slight comfort in the back of my mind that earlier I had thought 750m was 50 lengths not the 30 it is, I can rest assured that it isn’t that far and in 4 months I’m sure i will get better.

Let’s hope so anyway!

One response to “I’m not an amphibian

  1. you can do it, don’t give up!! you have to believe… You will rock that triathlon…

    I lost count of how many lengths I did following the first 50… I know I went up and back quite a few times and did 2 200’s… I figure it was between 1000-1200 meters…


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