IT Band – Runners Knee – PAIN!

So yesterday I ran the Seven Hills of Edinburgh and today I find myself with a very sore knee.  I couldn’t sleep last night due to the pain and I find it difficult to bend my knee.

I’ve had this before, and I’m 90% sure it is the IT band inflamed on my knee that is the issue here.  I know I need to foam roll it but that is painful in itself (I’m a woose!)

It started with 3 miles to go and I still had to run up Arthur’s Seat.. It’s the big one with the kite just above it in the picture below.Image

I realised the outside of my knee was sore but in the middle of a race there was no stopping me.

So I kept on running, it got worse climbing Arthur and it was even worse on the descent as the pain was intensified when engaging my quad to slow me down and stop me from slipping on the water logged grass.

Reaching the end I was hobbling but glad I finished.

Last night was terrible, I was in so much pain and I’m now applying the RICE method but will need to roll out my IT band.

The last time this happened to me, the physio said it was because the IT band tightens up and knots appear, this causes the band to rub on the knee with movement and in turn swells up.  Ibuprofen gel and stretching will help but I am afraid I think I’ll be out of running for a wee bit.  😦


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