Bed bound (almost) and a rant about the Docs

So this out of sorts feeling I’ve been having turned rubbish last night as I started to feel worse than I’d felt all the time I’ve been feeling ‘out of sorts’.  I went to the docs to see what was up and their advice was that it is some sort of virus and I should rest, no exercise at all for about a week. 

Mind you it was a bit of an effort getting to see the doc, trying to get an appointment is difficult and if you’ve not got an arm hanging off or turn up with massive red spots on your body then I’d doubt they’d give you an appointment. 

I called at 9:10am, they open at 9.  I got put in a queue on the phone and in 2 mins I got answered.  “Can I get a Drs appointment please?” 

“No sorry all appointments for today and tomorrow have gone, I do have the 29th available (12 days time!)”.

In my rage I didn’t know what to say and it wasn’t like I was on deaths door as I’d only been feeling ill for 10/14 days but still waiting another 12 was gonna be stupid! 

So I hung up and stewed for a bit.  I then thought, ahh, I’ll call nhs24 and they will give me advice on what it could be. 

So I called, and this call handler woman, was very nice and took my symptoms down and asked the questions she needed to ask.  I was then promised a call back from a nurse!  This was promising so 2 hours later I got a nurse calling me.  Again, I gave the symptoms to her and she said that I needed to see a Dr.  I explained my Docs next app was 29th.  She said that if you mention you’d been referred by a nurse on nhs24 then sometime, miraculously appointments appear.

So I called the docs back, luckily I’d not given my name at the start so hopefully my voice would not be recognisable as the rude man who hung up when they said they had no appointments.  

I said I’d been referred and she said for what?  I explained that I was ill and the nurse said I needed to see a Dr today.  She was very reluctant but I pushed and said that NHS24 were sending a file through to them with symptoms and that it should say I need to see a Dr. 

Eventually she said that a Dr would call me. OK I said and an hour or so later the Dr called. 

I explained my symptoms for a third time to him and he said that there was nothing he could tell over the phone and that I should come in for examination! so 3:30pm I got an appointment in the docs where there was no appointments.  

I know, they have to keep some for emergencies and mine didn’t seem like an emergency but what are people supposed to do when they’re ill? hold on 12 days to see if the condition betters or worsens? 

So at 3:30 the appointment was with a different Doctor.  I explained my symptoms for a 4th time, which I can;t help but think that it is a colossal waste of taxpayers money and not efficient at all but hey, I was seeing a Dr and I was ill so that’s all that matters.  

I was politely told that running 15miles around all seven of Edinburgh’s hills was not a good idea when running 5km the day before made you ill.  I politely told her that I knew that but I had to run the race (runners will understand this theory).  

Just a virus, not legionnaires (sorry Mum your diagnosis is rubbish but thanks though) and if it was legionnaires I wouldn’t have been able to run up a flight of stairs never mind those hills. 

I’m to go back in a week if I’m not better but I sincerely hope I am as I can’t be bothered with the rigmarole of getting an appointment again! Maybe I should have booked one ‘just in case’ when I was there!  

Rant over but this wasn’t what I wanted to hear as for viruses there is no magic antibiotic to cure it.  So bed and rest it is.  Which I guess is a good thing seeing as my IT band is knackered and I’m hobbling about so I probably wouldn’t be able to exercise anyway. 



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